Diet food is the worst!!

Hi all, Alisa here.  So, this is my first full day on Jenny Craig, and it isn’t too bad, but it seemed a lot easier when I was on it a year ago.  For some reason the food just doesn’t taste as good as it use to.  Not that I am complaining, it’s a whole lot better than the fruit and rice diet I tried a few years back (worst diet ever! But the fastest results) At least on Jenny when I took the weight off I was able to keep it off.  Anyway, Myia and I went to our first official weigh in yesterday and I was down to 186.6 fully clothed and at the worst point in the month.  You girls know what I’m talkin about!  So, that’s already 1.4 lbs down and only one more small child to go.  It’s hard to think that I still need to lose 20 lbs to be where I was before, so I am trying to make small goals for myself.  I want to be down another two pounds by Monday which is my next weigh in, but this weekend is going to be bad.  There is a party on Friday, my fathers birthday on Saturday and a dinner out on Sunday.  I can try to go easy on the food, but the drinks are hard to stay away from.  A girls gotta be social.  I will try to balance it out with some good exercise and a LOT of water, and I will try not to go overboard.  This is just the beginning, so it’s time to get serious, be focused and, as Myia says, ‘MAKE IT HAPPEN!’


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  1. I’ll be right there with you all weekend, girl. We just have to make each other hold our composure. We can do it – I think…No, we can do it.

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