Here I go!

Hi everyone. This is Erika and I’ll start by saying that it all started in 4th grade. From there, I progressed to the 180 pound high school freshman, to the 125 pound high school freshman, to the 175 pound high school senior, to the 210 pound college student to the 140 pound career starter to the 160 pound chick who’s writing this blog. With that said, know that I will always feel like a big girl whether my weight is up or down. I am, in every sense of the words, addicted to food. However, over the course of the past five years, I have managed to keep my horrible eating habits under fairly good control. I got down to about 140 in 2004 but have managed to work my way back up to 160 as of today, April 30, 2008. I admit that I know exactly what I should and shouldn’t be doing to lose weight but comfort, laziness, willpower, motivation, and most importantly, portion control, are the main reasons why I have gained and maintained my extra 20lbs. for so long (2 yrs. to be exact).

So now I’m ready to not only lose the 20 but an additional 15. For the most part, I eat pretty healthy. My problems w/ food are mainly portion control, late night snacking, and visiting my mom on the weekend who loves to cook, bake, and make anything and everything my little fat heart desires. So along with my ladies, I will take part in a weekly weigh-in to track my progress and keep you all up to date. I’ve also decided to keep of diary of the foods I eat everyday to get a better understanding of exactly how much I’m putting into my body. But believe it or not, that’s not going to be the most difficult part. While I spent a large part of my childhood playing organized sports, I’ve always HATED cardio workouts. Can’t stress that enough. But I also know that without it, my body will not shed the pounds and shape itself the way I’d like it to or as quickly as I’d like it to. The upside to this is that I know if I get on a good regimen for about a month, and start seeing results, it will definitely motivate me to work harder. Plus the fact that ya’ll will know whether I’m losing or gaining definitely lights a fire under my ass. Here I go!


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