Slowly But Surely

Two Saturdays ago I was pissed. All my hard work had only given me half a pound. I couldn’t believe that after working out for 3 days and not completely changing my eating habits, I hadn’t lost 10lbs. I’m a very impatient person when it comes to weight loss and it doesn’t take much for me to go on a small binge after not seeing results on the scale. But the humiliation I would feel after blogging that I’d fallen off the wagon after just one week, was enough pressure to keep me on it. So, that Sunday afternoon, at my friend’s bridal shower, I had 2 pieces of BBQ rib instead of 4, one serving of the jambalaya instead of 2, and I passed on the delicious looking cake so that I could have my sugar free Jell-O vanilla pudding w/ grapes, strawberries, and banana when I got home (both delicious and guilt free).

The next morning, I woke happy that I hadn’t ruined my semi-good week by splurging over the weekend which motivated me to watch what I ate even more and push myself a bit harder when working out. That motivation got me through my second week and down a total of 3lbs! I’ve been doing really good and writing down EVERYTHING I eat along w/ the calories of each food AND drink (or at least a good estimate of calories). And let me say, it really puts things into perspective. If I know at the beginning of the day, that I want something w/ a lot of calories for dinner, I’m able to cut back on what I eat for breakfast and lunch. I’ve also been pretty good about snacking. Only one snack in between meals. I’ve also stopped fooling myself into thinking that if I eat something that’s bad for myself really quickly, it doesn’t really count. (very doggish).

I’ve now started my third week, which happens to be my “Lady Week.” So, I’m refusing to weigh myself until the middle of next week . I don’t want to be discouraged by the extra water weight I’ll be packing. Hopefully that water weight won’t turn into chocolate pounds just because I couldn’t beat my Snickers cravings. We’ll see.



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  1. Keep up the momentum! I love Snickers too, especially the ice cream bars. O-M-G!

  2. mymyshelookgood

    Eri-Berry – I’m proud of you. We’re on this journey together girl!

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