I need to get weighed (updated)

Very different from the phrase “I need to get laid,” but still quite important.  Anyway, I haven’t been weighed in about 3 weeks – maybe 2.5, but not getting weighed is getting in my way – and I can’t give an accurate report to my fellow sisters in weight loss.

I had a not so great Friday & Saturday.  Friday, I ate meals ok, but I had 2 drinks and 2 cookies.  Then I went to Atlantic City yesterday.  I had quite a few drinks.  I know better and I should have made a better effort to stay dry, but I didn’t.  My meals weren’t terrible, but I did have a Starbucks cookie, which is probably 1/2 the original reason for my fatness. 

Anyhoo, I was back in the gym today punishing myself for fatgressions.  I did my normal hour on the ellyptical but I added my arms into the mix; which I usually steer clear of.  I also did a lot of backwards action which is very taxing – but I learned it does a lot of work on the rear saddles.  Good to know.  I did 80 situps – I’m going to really pay for that tomorrow – and I did 5lb weights on my arms for 40 reps and a good 10 – 15 mins of dancing and stretching with the weights in hand.  I was at the gym about 30 mins longer than usual and afterwards – and even now, I’m totally spent. 

I made a nice healthy dinner with TONS of veggies, lean chicken and rice.  It was delicious! Of course I had my Jenny breakfast and I also had a banana and 2 apples today.  Even though it’s late, I may have an activia yogurt before I go to bed.  But only if I get my sweet tooth going.

I’m going to go to Jenny tomorrow to get weighed in and to stock up on my essentials.  Then it’s back to the gym tomorrow night – which is an additional workout for the week since I did all that dag on drinking this weekend.  I’m praying for a stress free week, but if it isn’t.  I’m going to try to just add more exercise.  Maybe that will calm me down.

Let’s give some extra support to Alisa.  She has her thyroid problems and is not getting the proper hormone doses – which of course helps her gain weight faster and makes it more difficult to lose.  But, we need to help her understand that getting her healthy lifestyle started now will keep her from gaining more weight and make it that much easier to stay in the swing of things once her levels level off.  It’s easier to lose 60 lbs than 80!



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  1. I lovve Dannon Activia! It’s the only yogurt I’ll eat now besides Mickey D’s Fruit & Yogurt Parfaits.

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