Trice’s Take On Sweating The Small Stuff

Hey to all my sisters united in Fatdom. Reading Myia’s Fatfirmation has inspired me to re-evaluate my progress. I am a stickler for sweating the small stuff. I can’t even workout without running my to-do list in my head at least three times. I actually pause the DVD to jot down a thought so I don’t forget it. In my opinion, that’s a little too OCD even for me. I’m trying my damndest not to focus on the numbers, but instead focus on my progress. Let’s run a few of them down, shall we?

  1. My fave pair of slacks from Lane Bryant, a size 16 are too big in the waist and the leg. They actually make that “swoosh” sound when I walk in them.  I wish they had belt loops, but they don’t. I don’t know if I’ll be wearing them again. They just don’t flatter anymore.
  2. I can do 20 push-ups (albeit modified) without stopping.
  3. I can do 30 seconds of high knees without stopping. Hey, that’s majorly major for moi!
  4. My XL blouses now actually fit. When I say fit, I mean my biceps aren’t stretching the fabric (my tits are still humongous though, so I’m still wearing a safety pin.)
  5. I bough a KitKat today, and after eating the 2nd wafer, I was actually DONE! I didn’t even want the last two pieces. (They will be consumed tomorrow however. Waste not, want not:-)

So, after listing all these minor accomplishments, my goal is to stay focused on the big picture-eating healthy and incorporating some form of movement into my day. These have been my biggest obstacles all along. They say it takes something like 21 days before something becomes a habit. I’ve been at this over a month. It still feels like a chore, but it’s become a must-have instead of a must-do. I’ll holla……….


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Lover of books, cats, gorgeous men, and fine fuckery. Love and laughter heals most.

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  1. Excellent progress. There was a time when I was too small for Lane Bryant, and now I’d love to be back in a size 16! (Even a tight 16!) I’ll let you know the day that happens.


  2. Mary, you’ll get there. Stay focused, and we’re here to support you!

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