Feeling Inspired

Last night Myia and I helped our cousin’s girlfriend get ready for his prom. I’d never met Amanda before, and when I saw her I was stunned by her. She was a very striking young woman. Amanda had never gone anywhere that required her to get all glammed up, so Myia and I were only too happy to assist this diamond in the ruff. Myia had hair duty, which I kid you not, was literally down to her butt, and it was healthy, minus a few fly-aways (but who doesn’t have those.) I was on makeup patrol. She really didn’t need any, but we wanted to give her a little color.

To wrap this little story up, I came home and pulled out my own prom pics, and I took a little trip down memory lane. I looked fab in my gown. It was a Jessica McClintock original. She was, at the time, the queen of prom dresses, and I of course waited til the last minute to get mine. My silly self had turned down two invites from a couple of guys who would be deemed nerds today. Actually, they were back then too. I had debated whether I’d go at all, but of course, my mother coerced me. My aunt Margie offered to buy my gown and we went shopping at Hecht’s (now Macy’s.) I didn’t have a particular style in mind. I only knew that it had to be black. I ended up choosing this long, black, taffeta gown. The top was white taffeta with these huge puffed sleeves and black polka dots all over. It was the bomb!!! I wore three and a half inch heels, and my god-sister Boobie came over to do my hair and makeup. I hated my hair though. I’d gone to the salon, and that witch butchered me. Boobie did the best she could. Well, that was almost twenty years ago-1989 to be exact. Looking at the photo has inspired me to amp up my workout. I am not seeing the results I want. I am putting an end to the little cheats I give myself. It’s thwarting my efforts. I’m turning over a new leaf! I’ll holla…..



About Musings IRJ

Lover of books, cats, gorgeous men, and fine fuckery. Love and laughter heals most.

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  1. Make it happen chick! I too have to admit that I have been allowing myself to cheat more than I should. For some reason, I feel the need to constantly reward myself which actually only hurts myself. So instead of losing 10lbs. I only lose 5. But I think we’re all guilty of cheating a bit too much in the beginning. I’m definitely with you on this one.

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