If It’s July 4th, Then There’s Bound To Be A Cookout!

Didn’t we just celebrate Memorial Day and I lamented about how I pigged out? Well I’m about to do it again!!!! I know. I’m shameless, but I’m a sucker for good barbecue. I can’t restrain myself. Besides, it’s the only time my family gathers together besides Thanksgiving and Christmas, and that’s a while away.

What’s my plan of attack? I’m going to get up early in the morning, have a banana with a glass of agua then do Level 3 of Jillian’s 30 Day Shred. Then I’ll take a cool shower and exfoliate with my back brush and my own soap from The Soap Seduction (plug alert!) Vaseline Intensive Care makes this delicious cocoa butter lotion and gel. It smells so lovely-not too strong or sweet, but just right. Then I’ll throw on an over-sized tee while I prepare a breakfast of Dan Active fat-free strawberry yogurt and a Fiber One Bar in Oats & Chocolate. I’ll wash that down with another glass of water. I’ll pop a multi-vitamin and a fish oil supplement then ponder my wardrobe. I’m in D.C., so it’s going to be steamy. I’m not ready to bare my arms, but I have great legs (although they are covered in mosquito bites right now. I’m scratching them as I write this post.) My toenails are painted a lovely shade of hot pink. I know I’ll wear my 5 year old tan platform flip flops that I bought from Old Navy. They add a good 2 inches to my shrimpy 5’1 frame. I feel like a supermodel with those 2 inches of added height. A girl can fantasize right? My complexion isn’t the clearest, so I’ll wear a little foundation-actually I’ll mix my Clinique cream with a little mineral foundation. I cannot live without mascara, so I’ll coat my lashes with about 3 layers of Maybelline-the one with the comb wand. It makes my orbs pop. Since my face will look like an oil slick within an hour of being in the sun, I’ll forego any blush or eye shadow. I’ll wear some Covergirl lip gloss in Raspberry?? I don’t know. It’s the one Rihanna wears in their ads. It looks great on her, but it’s virtually non-existent on my mocha complexion. I just like the way it smells. I’m deathly allergic to sunblock, so I’ll be wearing none. Titanium dioxide makes me look like a pasty crackhead, so I’ll alternate my time out by the grill with my crazy uncles and helping my aunt in the kitchen.

So I’m saying all this to say: I will eat moderately, not depriving myself of anything that I may want. Saturday I will work out extra hard and long. I may even take a walk. How will you spend your Fourth? However, be safe!


About Musings IRJ

Lover of books, cats, gorgeous men, and fine fuckery. Love and laughter heals most.

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