I’ve reached a plateau. Ya know, when your workouts become less effective, or in my case, I’m bored to tears, so I’m not giving it 100%, therefore, my workouts have become less effective. I’ve bought two new DVDs: One-On-One Trainng with Jackie. She’s the chick from the show Workout on Bravo. I also bought    10 Minute Solution Hot Body Boot Camp. It has 5 ten minute workouts which is perfect for me to do in the evenings. I’ll be doing both these workouts for a week, then I’ll report my findings.

I’d love to hear what your fave workout videos are. Share the love. Lose the fat!


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Lover of books, cats, gorgeous men, and fine fuckery. Love and laughter heals most.

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  1. Most people don’t believe me when they ask what i have been doing to lose weight but it is all i do i promise.DANCING thats my workout routine,I have a playlist of 10 high energy songs and i just dance to everyone of them once a day.The only thing in my diet that has change is i no longer drink soda and i cut out any unhealthy snacking,otherwise i eat the same and the weight is coming off and people are noticing.

  2. As much as I’ve tried to stop drinking soda, it’s like liquid crack. I can stop for maybe 2-3 days, but then it calls me! I’m going to try adding a little seltzer to my juice to see if that helps. Thanks for your insight!

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