Why Can’t I Ever Be the “Results Not Typical” Statistic?

Look! It's Marcia Brady!

Look! It's Marcia Brady!

I know in my profile that I said I was going to lose the weight naturally without the aid of supplements, etc., but dammit, that aint workin’! Myia told me that she’s been using Slim Shots-a liquid supplement that’s an appetite suppressant, and she liked it. I thought I’d give it try because Myia is my sister, and I do trust her judgment over anyone else’s. So what does a sista do but head on over to my local GNC to pick up a box. Read on!

Ya’ll know I’m about to cut up right? First of all, the damn things cost $40. Not happy ’bout that becuz I’m very frugal when it comes to trying something new. Moving on…I begrudgingly shell out the $40. What’s $40 compared to eating less and possibly shedding tons of weight, right? Wrong! So I rip the box open when I get home to check out this new miracle drug, but first, I read the outside of the box. Emblazoned on the front: Eat up to 30% less everyday!* RED FLAG ALERT!!! RED FLAG ALERT!!!! RED FLAG ALERT!!! Anytime you see an asterisk beside an eye-catching or too-good-to-be-true claim, trust me, it is. Instead on putting the disclaimer on the front, they stick it on the side, and here’s what it says verbatim: ” Clinical studies have shown the average caloric intake was reduced by 12.5% to 30%. Wow! Ya’ll know where I fit in right? I’m the 12.5%!

The shots are packaged like little, portable coffee creamers. These “creamers” are comprised of palm oil, oat oil, and water. UGH!!! I use palm oil to make soap, and now I’m drinking it to feel full?  Oh, and did I mention that each “pod” has 20 calories and 2g of saturated fat? Whoo-hoo! No trans fat! (I’m being facetious.) So I gulp the liquid contents, and I damn near gag because this crap tastes like synthetic, vanilla, I don’t know.

Long story short-it did suppress my appetite for about a week, then it was like my brain said, “Oh, you got jokes?” That ish stopped working. I was no fuller than if I’d drank two cups of water. So what say thee? Keep your $40.00 and drink 2 cups of water every hour. You’ll feel just as full, and you’ll get in your water intake at the same time. If you’re a Slim Shots enthusiast, I’d love to hear your take on the subject.


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