Yes We Can!!!

Right Idea, Wrong Suit

Right Idea, Wrong Suit

Okay, so I stole this catch-phrase from my man Barack Obama, but it’s so fitting for our new column. Yes we can is dedicated to de-bunking all the myths that say becuz your a big girl, you can’t wear a certain article of clothing or rock a new trend. While we’re losin’ it, we still want to look good, right? Although we only have about a month of summer left (here on the east coast anyway,) let’s talk about swimsuits. Before you cringe, just keep repeating to yourself: “YES-WE-CAN!!!!”

Now let’s be realistic here. The goal aint to look like a King magazine model, but to find a suit that fits, supports, and most importantly, flatters! Whoever created the tankini is a god (or goddess.) Before the invention of it, I would not even fathom the thought of wearing a two piece swimsuit. With the tankini, you get the best of both worlds, but you can’t just scoop up any old tankini. Here are some key elements: Make sure the bottoms are briefs-please, no thongs. I’m gagging at the thought. I would not wear a thong. My ass is covered with jelly (cellulite) and railroad tracks (stretch marks.) Secondly, if you only remember one thing, remember this: Spandex, and lots of it, is our friend. A good suit should have at least 18% or more of spandex. And for goodness sake, don’t be afraid to go up a size. Nobody will know you’re wearing a size 18 suit on your size 16 body unless you tell them. Swimsuits are traditionally cut smaller, and if you have curves like moi, wearing your true size isn’t always an option. Also, patterns as opposed to solids are much more flattering, especially at the midsection. Ruching also does wonders on that ole rubber tire of a gut. What I like about tankinis is that while it gives the coverage of a one piece, you get that small peek-a-boo at the waist. Lastly, if you’ve got a big rack like me, opt for a halter. It lifts, separates, and supports nicely. If the halter puts a strain on your neck, then choose a criss-cross back for support and comfort.

I leave you with this: You can wear a tankini. It takes a lot of confidence and picking the right suit. You cannot buy off the rack without trying on your suit. It just won’t work. You’ve got to view yourself from all angles. Look for a shop where you can mix and match the pieces. That way, you’re not stuck with an unflattering bottom and the perfect top or vice versa. Target carries some pretty decent suits. Also,    Newport News does too (Newport News does not have a store front, so you’ll have to use your best judgment when ordering or call and speak with a rep.) I actually bought this suit from Newport News but it has absolutely NO support. My tits look like two big Christmas hams stuffed into a shopping bag. This suit is actually a size 14. Keep in mind that this suit is about 3 years old and I was a size 12 at the time. The good news though is you can build your own bikini. Good luck, and remember, YES-WE-CAN!!!!!


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  1. Anita Greenkard

    You r so funny and crazy!!! Swimming is my favorite sport, but I have not participated in years because I won’t put on a swim suit. I love the new swimsuits the Olympians wore, they were more like a unitard but they cost $550.00..needless to say that notion went out of the window!! In my opinion, you look pretty good in your suit. Oh well, either I will firm up or go to Omar the tentmaker for a swimsuit! Peace

  2. It is shameful that big women are made to feel ashamed of
    their bodies by the hype and b***s*** of the modern world.

    I love to see a big girl who is happy how she is, and if she’s wearing a swimsuit all the better!

    The more the merrier I say.

  3. sugar babe……
    i hope you love yourself. you are a beautiful black woman! i just want you to know that your photo in the bathing suit inspires a white man to stroke..and ejaculate! enjoy your youth and beauty.

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