It’s easy dieting with this garbage on TV…

With the Republican National Convention on all week, it was easy to diet.  I just couldn’t muster up an appetite with all the BS on TV.  Sorry to take this blog political, but seriously, the politics of this election are giving me lots of motivation.  I want to be a better person, inside and out.  I just can’t believe all that’s going. 

Well, while watching all of the coverage, I was able to keep on my diet – perfectly.  I’ve had all my water, all Jenny Craig, all the time – and some Fiber One bars for good measure.  I guess my point is, even at this crazy time – scared, bored and excited (by Obama), I could keep myself on track.  It’s possible to do anything when you want it bad enough.



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  1. The Republican Convention was actually really, good, live-action fiction to me! I was thoroughly amused and entertained. Those peanut M&M’s kept me company too!

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