I’ve been looking at a lot of blogs lately and taking stock.  I think Trice and I can make some improvements here.  We’re going to get on a regular posting schedule and try to come up with a few categories for posts.  Ex: 2 Fatfirmations each week, Recipe of the Week, Product Reviews, Weekly Whine (rants about how hard it is to lose weight), Shut Up “I’m Bitching” (different from the whines these are complaints about being fat the bad things happen because of it – wearring out a pair of jeans, breaking shoes, etc).

More to come…



Posted on September 8, 2008, in Fat Myia. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Yes! Let’s do the damn thang!

  2. I for one wouldn’t mind contributing a recipe or two…it all sounds like a good idea. Especially the bitchin’ and complainin’ part…lol! I have a list….here’s one, seeing a REALLY cute outfit only to discover it doesn’t go up to your size or either the cut is less- than-flattering to your figure. GRRRR!

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