About FB&LI

So, all of our women family and close friends are FAT – and most of us are also Black.  Me (Myia) and my sister Trice finally decided it was time to stop buying bigger sizes, getting less healthy and complaining about it.  Now we’re committed to making it happen – losing weight, losing our health problems and losing our minds! You don’t have to be Black.  We invite anyone who’s FAT and needs to LOSE IT to join us here for chatting, support and outlet. 

See ya on the healthy side!

  1. I wanna join!

  2. Myia can make that happen for you! Good luck.


  3. Hi…It looks like y’all make losing weight a little more fun…especially when you don’t have to do it alone like I do right now. Getting that motivation rolling has been hard!!

    I added you to my blogroll and I will make the greatest effort to join along, but I do have a much higher weight loss goal of 100 pounds (current weight 200+ pounds).


  4. i will like to join

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