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Wednesday FATfirmation: Baby Steps

Everyone wants to hit huge mile stones.  To lose many, many pounds; to shed countless inches; go down a pant size or two; have someone say, “Oh my, you’ve lost weight;” button a shirt that you haven’t been able to bring with in inches of clasping in years; etc.

Well, we have to remember life’s little pleasures and that when it comes to LOSIN’ IT, you have to sweat the small stuff – HARD.  So every time you have a “damn, this is amazing moment,” like when you walk up a flight of stairs without breaking a sweat; when you pass on dessert; ignore fried chicken and macaroni and cheese; feel a new muscle you didn’t know existed; add 10 mins to your workout; drink an extra glass of water; run for the bus or train and aren’t winded; bend over to pick up your keys off the floor and don’t get the urge to vomit because your pants aren’t too tight” moment, you need to celebrate and feel proud of your fatself.  You should smile and write a post on this blog because we all know what it’s like.

Today, I had a small-stuff moment.  I put on a tight bra and tight underwear and my 3rd, 4th and 5th titties were noticeably smaller.  [Titties 1 & 2 = your breasts; titty 3 = that water balloon tummy; titties 4 & 5 are those two massive pouches on your back that droop below your bra but are above your saddle bags/love handles. Don’t worry, we don’t classify those bags/handles as titties.  You can worry about those as different parts of your body that need to go down, and conversely, you can celebrate when those get smaller too.]

Well, as I was saying before one of my all-too-common digressions, my 3rd, 4th and 5th titties are all a bit smaller today.  For me this is a HUGE small achievement.  I’m so happy I could give myself a good feel up; and considering I have 5 titties, that’s a lot of reward.

[See A PLACE FOR US for the Fat, Black & Losin’ It fanatomy charts.]