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No Review Today-I’m Sick!

I”m sorry ya’ll, but my f*cking tooth is f*cking killing me! I am not in the mood. I’m sure you can understand. I’m going to self-medicate and hit the hay. I’ll try to post tomorrow. Damn M&Ms!!!!!

Re Re-Evaluation

Hey Fatties,

With Myia’s latest being said, tomorrow I’m going to do a product review of Fit Flops. Stay tuned…

By the way, I’m going to do a little whining here: Work sucks! I worked 6 damn days in a row, and I’m mentally exhausted. I’ve worked out only twice all of last week. I don’t really feel guilty about not working out. I feel most guilty about the shit I shoved down my throat when I wasn’t working out. I don’t think I drank a glass of water all last week. The few sips I took to wash down the Advil count though, right? Do the chopped onion and relish I had on my half smoke count as veggies? How about the dozens of 20+ pound boxes I helped move at work counting as strength training? Throw me a bone people! Like Angie Bassett said in Waiting To Exhale: “Hell, I worked my ass off…..”

A Sneak Peek


Life Is Short-Laugh At Yourself!

Life Is Short-Laugh At Yourself! Look, I have zits and nappy hair but it's all good!

Ok, so I’m going through a little blog withdrawal. Work is kicking my fat ass, but I’ll make it. Here’s what’s on the horizon:

  • Product Reviews: Fit flops and The Butterfly Bra
  • Big boobs aint all what it’s cracked up to be
  • Jam or Jelly? (and no, I’m not talkin’ about food!)
  • I’m a human runway

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