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Tuesday Tiddies

Hey Fat Asses (cuz I’m feeling fat today),

I’m starting a new feature where I’ll discuss useful tips, tricks, or tidbits that all us fat asses can incorporate into our new lifestyle. I’m a voracious reader of magazines, particularly health and fitness magazines, and while I find most of it to be total bull ish (I want health and fitness tips, not get shiny hair in a week or the right makeup for your skin type!) some of it is really useful and doable.

This week’s tiddy: Becoming a part-time vegan. Say what??? While it can be daunting for admitted carnivores like myself, it is doable, if you start off slowly. If you’re like me and want to just jump into the ocean with no life preserver, you will fail and fail miserably because the more we deprive ourselves of anything, the more we crave it. Anyway, back to the vegan thang. By simply eating one meatless meal a day, you can boost your energy, lower your cholesterol, and possibly shed some pounds-if done correctly! Just because you’re going vegan for one meal does not give you cart blanche to eat 2 jelly doughnuts for breakfast and a latte grande from Starbucks. This defeats the purpose and you might as well eat a t-bone steak with a loaded baked potato.

A “vegan” breakfast can be tasty and healthy. Here’s one of my faves:

  • One cup of Egg Beaters with chopped onion, red and green pepper, and a sprinkling of shredded cheese. Preheat a frying pan sprayed with cooking spray or 2 tsp of olive oil. Mix your ingredients and pour into pan. Let the egg mixture begin to firm up until you can slide your spatula underneath and flip one side over. I like to flip the omelet over so the other side cooks thru then I slap it on the plate with a piece of wheat toast, a pat of butter, and a tsp of strawberry preserves (gotta have sweet with every meal.) I season with a little salt and pepper or sometimes Mrs. Dash for taste, and I throw down! It’s very filling, and I don’t miss the meat at all.

Share your favorite vegan meals. Fat Myia and I will try them all. The owner of the tastiest recipe will receive this Cherry Pie A La Mode candle from The Decadent Flame. We’re waiting…..