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Only 10 pounds until I’m fat…

So, my definition of obesity is the point at which you are so large that people cannot tell when you GAIN or LOSE 25 pounds.  At 200 lbs, everyone told me they couldn’t tell I had gained weight.  At a size 16, 60 lbs heavier than when I started my job 3 years ago at a size 6-8, my coworkers were saying ‘I didn’t need to lose a pound’ that they ‘couldn’t tell I had gained any weight.’  It just made me sick.  I thought, “How could I gain 60 lbs and NO ONE has noticed.” Well, I gained the weight slowly – over 3 years – so to them, I had gotten to that critical point where one could not tell if I gained or lost any weight.  So, for the last 6 months or so, I have been saying, “I need to lose 25 lbs to be fat.”  Meaning – I need to lose 25 lbs so that when I lose or gain any more weight, people actually notice.  Well, with 200 lbs as the hi point and 25 lbs as my “fat” vs obese benchmarks, I am now only 10 lbs away from my goal of being fat.  I’ve lost 15 lbs and no one can tell a thing!

Once I get to 175 and start losing more weight, people will say – “did you do something with your hair,” “what’s different about your make up,” “you just have this new light about you and I have no idea what it is.”  At 26 lbs, I swear, people will say, “damn, you lost weight,” “you’re looking thinner,” “your clothes are just hanging off of you.” 

It’s ok though.  I understand the rules…

Obesity – the point at which you are SO LARGE people who see you on even a semi-regular basis (x1 per month!) cannot tell if you gain or lose 1 – 25 lbs.

Fat – the point at which you are still overweight (your BMI is unhealty, you shop in plus size, etc) but if you gain or lose 1 lb and people finally notice “there’s something different about you.

Close to goal, but still not there – the point at which you are still overweight (still don’t have a perfect BMI, 2 – 3 sizes above your ideal weight), but people are saying “wow, you are really on your way,” “dag, what diet are you on because I want to lose too,” “you’ve lost a lot of weight.”

Reached your goal, within 5 lbs – the point at which you can fit into your ideal size 1/3 of the time, your ideal size is too small for you 1/3 of the time, your ideal size is too big for you 1/3 of the time…it just depends on the cut and/or brand. At this stage, people will say, “oh my God, you’re so small. you’re not going to lose anymore,” “you can’t still be dieting,” “you look like a totally different person, wow!”

So…where are you on this scale?