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Sunday Fatfirmation: Fall is Coming

Fall.  The season of change.  The leaves turn pretty colors.  Kids go back to school (thank goodness!).  New shows come on TV (my favorite part).  And most important of all – it’s an excuse to reinvent ourselves under the radar.  Yep, that’s right.  It’s like New Year’s resoloutions without being under the microscope of all those f@ckers out there who want to change us.  But this is really different.  There’s no microscope and we don’t have tell anybody what the hell we’re doing.  It’s personal.  Just about us.  But all the while, we get great motivation from all the change around us. 

Here we go people.  Let’s figure out our own personal action plans – something reasonable – and then stick to it.  Here’s mine:

1. Stick to Jenny Craig + fruits, veggies and dairy in moderation

2. Light daily exercise consisting of some walking or stair climbing (remember people, I have a herniated disc and 2 bulges in my neck and spine)

3. Allow myself 1 (and only 1) small cheat per week.  Usually, it’s a handful of Mike & Ikes from the vending machine at work – or maybe a handful of M&Ms.  Not a whole serving!  More like a half serving or less.

4. Allow myself 1 (and only 1) REAL cheat per week.  This week (yesterday), I had 2 ribs and a an Appletini Smirnoff.  It’s bad…but I follow it up with HI fiber and an extra 40oz of water.  It’s got to be balanced out.

5. Remind myself that this is for me.  This isn’t about pleasing a guy or getting into sexy jeans (but I ain’t gonna lie, those are pretty great side effects too).  This is about us “losing” it – all that negative crap –  All the excess weight we don’t need; all those negative feelings that make us weigh twice our actual poundage.  Get the weight of the world and impressions off your shoulders. 

People, we’re not perfect.  We’re a work in progress.  And since it’s fall, let’s seize the season and make it happen; progress that is.

Tomorrow’s fatfirmation topic: you guessed it, smarty, PROGRESS.


Tuesday FATfirmation: Serenity Now, 5/20

God grant me the serenity to neglect the things I should not eat. The strength to only eat the things I can and the wisdom to…

You can fill in the blank with whatever your problem of the day might be.  For me (right now) I’ll fill it in like this…

– To go the gym tonight, Thursday and workout Saturday

– To drink enough water each day

– To avoid taking a drink, even though times are feeling pretty rough

– To smile at myself, even if I want to frown at everyone else – I’m losing weight and loving myself

– To work hard at everything I do, no matter what!

Wednesday FATfirmation: Baby Steps

Everyone wants to hit huge mile stones.  To lose many, many pounds; to shed countless inches; go down a pant size or two; have someone say, “Oh my, you’ve lost weight;” button a shirt that you haven’t been able to bring with in inches of clasping in years; etc.

Well, we have to remember life’s little pleasures and that when it comes to LOSIN’ IT, you have to sweat the small stuff – HARD.  So every time you have a “damn, this is amazing moment,” like when you walk up a flight of stairs without breaking a sweat; when you pass on dessert; ignore fried chicken and macaroni and cheese; feel a new muscle you didn’t know existed; add 10 mins to your workout; drink an extra glass of water; run for the bus or train and aren’t winded; bend over to pick up your keys off the floor and don’t get the urge to vomit because your pants aren’t too tight” moment, you need to celebrate and feel proud of your fatself.  You should smile and write a post on this blog because we all know what it’s like.

Today, I had a small-stuff moment.  I put on a tight bra and tight underwear and my 3rd, 4th and 5th titties were noticeably smaller.  [Titties 1 & 2 = your breasts; titty 3 = that water balloon tummy; titties 4 & 5 are those two massive pouches on your back that droop below your bra but are above your saddle bags/love handles. Don’t worry, we don’t classify those bags/handles as titties.  You can worry about those as different parts of your body that need to go down, and conversely, you can celebrate when those get smaller too.]

Well, as I was saying before one of my all-too-common digressions, my 3rd, 4th and 5th titties are all a bit smaller today.  For me this is a HUGE small achievement.  I’m so happy I could give myself a good feel up; and considering I have 5 titties, that’s a lot of reward.

[See A PLACE FOR US for the Fat, Black & Losin’ It fanatomy charts.]