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The Ish I’m Snackin’ On

I admit I’m a self-professed snackaholic. I HEART SNACKS-sweet, salty, crunchy, sweet/salty/crunchy. I’m always looking for new and tasty treats to satisfy my finicky palate. I just don’t snack on bull-ish just because I need a snack. Although my palate is finicky, it’s very refined (okay, I’m lyin’.) One of my fave go-to snacks is granola bars. I love that they incorporate the sweet/salty/crunchy-let’s just call it swaltchy. If a snack is swaltchy, it’s a keeper, and granola bars or trail mix usually fit the bill. See, the only problem is, I can’t just stop at one bar or a handful of trail mix. COME ON!!!! A snack is supposed to satisfy, not tease.

My latest discovery was found completely by accident. Myia and I were at the grocery store one night, and I was picking up a few things when I happened across these little wonders called Fiber One bars. OMG!!! These joints are off tha hook!!!! Each bar has 140 calories and only 4g of fat. The best part? They have 9g of fiber!!! Can’t doo-doo? Eat a couple of these, and you’ll be as regular as rain! I have bought every flavor, and my favorite hands-down is the Oats & Chocolate. The Strawberry and Almonds come in a close second. I have one of these a day without fail. It’s my newest addiction, and it’s healthy! I give Fiber One Bars 2 big thighs up! Check em out for yourself.