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If It’s July 4th, Then There’s Bound To Be A Cookout!

Didn’t we just celebrate Memorial Day and I lamented about how I pigged out? Well I’m about to do it again!!!! I know. I’m shameless, but I’m a sucker for good barbecue. I can’t restrain myself. Besides, it’s the only time my family gathers together besides Thanksgiving and Christmas, and that’s a while away.

What’s my plan of attack? I’m going to get up early in the morning, have a banana with a glass of agua then do Level 3 of Jillian’s 30 Day Shred. Then I’ll take a cool shower and exfoliate with my back brush and my own soap from The Soap Seduction (plug alert!) Vaseline Intensive Care makes this delicious cocoa butter lotion and gel. It smells so lovely-not too strong or sweet, but just right. Then I’ll throw on an over-sized tee while I prepare a breakfast of Dan Active fat-free strawberry yogurt and a Fiber One Bar in Oats & Chocolate. I’ll wash that down with another glass of water. I’ll pop a multi-vitamin and a fish oil supplement then ponder my wardrobe. I’m in D.C., so it’s going to be steamy. I’m not ready to bare my arms, but I have great legs (although they are covered in mosquito bites right now. I’m scratching them as I write this post.) My toenails are painted a lovely shade of hot pink. I know I’ll wear my 5 year old tan platform flip flops that I bought from Old Navy. They add a good 2 inches to my shrimpy 5’1 frame. I feel like a supermodel with those 2 inches of added height. A girl can fantasize right? My complexion isn’t the clearest, so I’ll wear a little foundation-actually I’ll mix my Clinique cream with a little mineral foundation. I cannot live without mascara, so I’ll coat my lashes with about 3 layers of Maybelline-the one with the comb wand. It makes my orbs pop. Since my face will look like an oil slick within an hour of being in the sun, I’ll forego any blush or eye shadow. I’ll wear some Covergirl lip gloss in Raspberry?? I don’t know. It’s the one Rihanna wears in their ads. It looks great on her, but it’s virtually non-existent on my mocha complexion. I just like the way it smells. I’m deathly allergic to sunblock, so I’ll be wearing none. Titanium dioxide makes me look like a pasty crackhead, so I’ll alternate my time out by the grill with my crazy uncles and helping my aunt in the kitchen.

So I’m saying all this to say: I will eat moderately, not depriving myself of anything that I may want. Saturday I will work out extra hard and long. I may even take a walk. How will you spend your Fourth? However, be safe!

A New Course Of Action

This plateau is weighing heavily on my mind. It’s 2008, and I’ll be damned if I go through another summer wearing black or 3/4 length sleeves. Here’s my short-term game plan:

  1. Keep a food diary for one week to really assess what I’m stuffing down my throat.
  2. Amp up my workouts. I’m currently on Level 2 of Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred. It’s 20 minutes of hell and back, but I plan to do two workouts a day: I’ll do the advanced Level 1 in the morning and the beginner Level 2 in the evening. That will be a total of 40 minutes of exercise a day.
  3. Stop eating by 8:30 pm. I have a sneaking suspicion that this could be part of the problem.
  4. Drink 1 glass of water before every meal to not only hydrate but aid in feeling fuller faster.
  5. Hit the sack no later than 10:30pm. I’ll aim to actually be in the bed by 10:00pm. This is gonna be my biggest challenge.

I welcome your tips and tricks that help you stay on course. I’ll holla……….

Finding Balance

Sometimes having too many food choices is worst than having none! Case in point: I finally went to the grocery store on Sunday, and I really stocked up. I was literally on “E” and now that I have food, I find myself not knowing what I want to eat, and I sometimes end up making the wrong choices. So my question is, how do you find a healthy balance? I am doing this without any diet aids, meaning, no pills, no weight loss centers, no special foods….I’m actually training myself to know when to say when. I have this really bad habit of overeating. I’ve since learned to slow down while I eat, and you know what? It actually works. I’m learning to savor every bite, and I’m getting fuller faster, thus not needing a second helping. I’m up to 4 glasses of water a day. Hey, that’s a big freaking deal for me! Ask anyone who really knows me!

I have not weighed myself since Sunday, and I only plan on weighing in once a week-naked and on an empty stomach, lol. Why is it I’m in my third week of exercise, and it’s not getting any easier? I don’t pause between sets like I did the first week, but I’m still barely getting through the workout.  I’m like, WTF? My muscles sweetly ache, but I swear I can’t get through two sets of jumping jacks. I do see a little definition in my arms. I’m up to 20 modified push-ups now. My size 16 skirts have a little give in the waist. Even my XL Old Navy t-shirts are hanging a little looser. Guess what else I can do? Reverse crunches! Hot damn! There was a time not too long ago that I couldn’t get my fat ass off the floor. Now I’m pumping them out!

I can’t wait to hear from the other girls. I’d like to know how their progress is going. Post ladies!!!!!

Down 3 More Pounds!

While I’m happy to report this, I believe I could have lost an additional 2-3 pounds. I was really bad this last week. Let this be a lesson to those who are trying to eat for the better: Go to the grocery store! Don’t attempt to start a new way of eating if you one, have no food in your house, or two, you still have the garbage you were eating before you started “dieting” (I hate this word, by the way because to me it signifies that you are only trying to lose weight for a special ocassion or purpose.) Anyhoo, I did not have any food in the house, so I relied heavily on the local eatery down the street from my job. I bought breakfast there twice last week-an egg and scrapple sandwich on wheat toast. Damn they were good! Do ya’ll know what scrapple is? It aint nothing but the truth, but it’ll kill you if you eat it all the time (ok, it won’t literally kill you, but prepare for a lifetime of health issues.) Scrapple is what the name implies: scraps of this and that from the pig. It’s a notch down from balogna and hot dogs (both of which I love.) When you fry the scrapple, the ends get nice and crisp and the middle is soft and tender. It’s seasoned with sage and other spices, and it comes packaged in a loaf or brick usually in the breakfast meats section. Why do things that taste so damn good are usually bad for you?

What’s my secret to the steady weight loss? This may sound corny as hell, but the honest truth is the secret to my success is commitment. I have committed myself to eating healthier and working out consistently. They say it takes about 3 weeks for something to become a habit, and today marks the beginning of my third week. I feel better. I’m sleeping better. My clothes are fitting slightly better. My body is actually craving movement now. I have truly shocked my system-not just with the exercise, but the water I’m drinking! Anyone who knows me knows I hate water. I’m down to one soda a day now, but I’m still addicted to peanut M&M’s. They’re my daily treat, and I eat the small bag as opposed to the king size I use to devour. For me, it’s making little changes instead of overwhelming myself with un-doable or cold turkey tactics.

I’m still working out with Jillian, and my endurance is getting stronger by the day. The 20 minutes only now feel like 45 instead of an hour. Just when I think I can’t take it anymore, it’s time for the cool down! I hope to progress to Level 2 in the next few weeks. My goal for this week is to increase my water intake by 8 oz. Hey, you gotta crawl before you can walk. I’m on the path to slimdom. I’ll holla…..

Yoga Aint No Joke and Other Revelations

Today is weigh-in #1, and before I reveal my results, I just want to recap my week. It started really badly. I wasn’t taking it seriously, and I damn sure wasn’t exercising. Anyhoo, Tuesday, I really got my act together. I’m still not the healthiest eater, but I’m moving my ass. As I keep stressing, Jillian Michaels is the truth! I’ve been doing Level 1 of her 30 day Shred, and I’ve been sweating my ass off! I feel like I’ve run a 5k after doing those 20 minutes. And you know what? My body is starting to crave the workout. I feel so anxious if I don’t work out. I do my workouts in the evenings. It’s a great stress reliever, and the workout prepares my body for blissful slumber.  So I’m doing Jillian 5 days a week (Tues-Sat) and on Sundays I’m doing a 20-min yoga workout. Let me tell you something: Yoga aint no joke!!! I didn’t know you could bust a sweat. Who knew finding your center and breathing could be a workout. Oh yeah, Mondays are my rest days.

After years of abusing my body by fueling it with garbage, I really am trying to eat better. Anyone who knows me, knows that I cannot stand water. To combat that, I’ve begun putting my water in a wine goblet. It’s so chic, and it tricks me into thinking I’m drinking something really nice. I also found these great square bowls at Tar-jay for about a $1.38 each. They’re gorgeous, and I use them to put my meals and snacks in. It helps me control my portions and it’s so chic. I love chic!

Now, for the weigh-in: I now tip the scales at 183. That’s a 4 pound loss! I am psyched! Next week, I hope to say goodbye to the 180’s forever! Wish me luck, and I’ll holla at ya’ll on Wednesday!