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A Real Wake Up Call!

Hi. My name is Trice, and I’m a fat, black chick! We did our weigh-in and measurements today, and all I could think to myself was Holy Sh*t, I really am fat! I’ve gained 4 pounds since January, and for those of you thinking that’s not so bad, that’s a freaking pound a month, which for my height, 5’1, looks like 5 pounds a month. The black¬†dial sprung up to 187.¬†One-eight-seven is cop and gang slang for murder. It shouldn’t be a 5-foot woman’s weight! What the hell have I done to my body? I am what doctors would call clinically obese. When I think of obese, I think of the mother in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, not me. I don’t look that big, do I? Yeah, I do. When I looked in the mirror, every roll, every stretch mark, every bulge was magnified times 10. This is it! I’m diving into the dare I say it Diet Pool. No! I won’t say diet. I hate that word. It looks like Die-T, as in Die Trice! I aint going out like this! I will say I’m changing my life for the better. I’ll say I’m making better food choices. I’ll say I’m strengthening my body and my mind. Here I go!