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Finding Balance

Sometimes having too many food choices is worst than having none! Case in point: I finally went to the grocery store on Sunday, and I really stocked up. I was literally on “E” and now that I have food, I find myself not knowing what I want to eat, and I sometimes end up making the wrong choices. So my question is, how do you find a healthy balance? I am doing this without any diet aids, meaning, no pills, no weight loss centers, no special foods….I’m actually training myself to know when to say when. I have this really bad habit of overeating. I’ve since learned to slow down while I eat, and you know what? It actually works. I’m learning to savor every bite, and I’m getting fuller faster, thus not needing a second helping. I’m up to 4 glasses of water a day. Hey, that’s a big freaking deal for me! Ask anyone who really knows me!

I have not weighed myself since Sunday, and I only plan on weighing in once a week-naked and on an empty stomach, lol. Why is it I’m in my third week of exercise, and it’s not getting any easier? I don’t pause between sets like I did the first week, but I’m still barely getting through the workout.  I’m like, WTF? My muscles sweetly ache, but I swear I can’t get through two sets of jumping jacks. I do see a little definition in my arms. I’m up to 20 modified push-ups now. My size 16 skirts have a little give in the waist. Even my XL Old Navy t-shirts are hanging a little looser. Guess what else I can do? Reverse crunches! Hot damn! There was a time not too long ago that I couldn’t get my fat ass off the floor. Now I’m pumping them out!

I can’t wait to hear from the other girls. I’d like to know how their progress is going. Post ladies!!!!!