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“Progress, Not Perfection”

I saw this quote on the wall at Jenny Craig tonight.  I needed it like a Baptist preacher needs a dry rag on an August Sunday morning.  Progress, not perfection.  I was so down when I got on the scale today at The Craig.  I lost the weight I gained while I was layed up with my bad neck.  I got down to 183 lbs – that’s 17 lbs less than I weighed when we started this blog.  I was SO down.  I felt like I had sacrificed so much in the last 3 weeks trying to follow my Action Plan for such little loss.  My first thought was bacon cheeseburger, my second thought was Godiva.  Luckily, my third thought was “progress, not perfection.”

We have to remember to savor the little things.  “Every day on the plan is a win,” that’s another quote from The Craig.  But it’s true.  Little things mean a lot.  The big chunks of weight loss don’t happen every week.  Sometimes, progress is about drinking all your daily water, not having that bag of M&Ms, working out when you really just don’t feel like it.

Today my big win was fighting off a case of the “I really wanted to lose more weight blues.”  It hurt so badly not to have lost more.  But, there we go again…the measure of progress is subjective. 

Think of your daily “wins.”  What does progress mean to you?  What have you accomplished?  What new ways of keeping on track have you discovered and stuck to?  I’d like to hear from you.

Slackin’ Hard-Somewhat

Yeah, I know I haven’t posted anything in about 3 weeks, but I’m going to play the life card. I kid you not. I’ve been busy. I’m a budding entrepreneur who’s on the grind practically 24/7. I run a soap and candle website, and I’m trying to be successful, translation, profitable. I’ve been blogging, networking, sending products to various reviewers, making product, and so on. In my chase of the almighty dollar (that sounds so shallow), I’ve been neglecting my health somewhat. I have fallen off the water wagon completely. Does Powerade Zero count as water? That stuff is awesome-not too sweet and not bland like water either. It reminds me of Kool-Aid with only a scoop of sugar in it. Anyway, I wanted to check in with our readers to let you know that I’m still struggling, still striving, still working out-somewhat.
I leave you with this parting message: The scale is a damn liar! Those big digital numbers read back 178.5, but I’m feeling a good 170.0 right about now, LOL!!! My clothes are comfortably loose or comfortably fitting, however you want to look at it. Look at me in this size 14 skirt from Vicky’s Secret. Their stuff runs small, and I’m not sucking in my gut. This, my sisters, is what keeps me motivated. I promise to be more diligent with posting. Please share your triumphs and setbacks. Remember, we are here to support one another.
 My Size 14 Vicky's Secret Jean Skirt
My Size 14 Vicky’s Secret Jean Skirt

Can You See A Difference?

Okay, I’m obsessed. Does my face look smaller? The first pic was taken on 3/1/08. The second today-6/15/08. Let a sista know. Please.


Happy Days Are Here Again…!

Hey ya’ll,

I am so freakin excited! My new course of action is working. I’ve lost 5 more pounds. I got on the scale this morning, and it read 175. What a breakthrough! I swear just two days ago, I was about to throw in the towel. I measured my waistline, and it was a whopping 38 inches. I felt so defeated. That was only a one inch  loss since I started working out in April. I’ve been busting my balls working out, and I’ve only lost a freakin inch in my waist! I was about to go on a major binge, when something just stopped me. Call it divine intervention. I don’t know. There was this inner voice telling me not to give up, and I didn’t. I’ve been sticking to my workouts diligently. Two a day. I’ve incorporated 30 minutes of Pilates into my regimen once a week. I’ve been cutting off my meals by 8:45pm (ok, the 8:30 threshold wasn’t quite working.) I’ve been in the bed by 10:15pm every night, and it’s back up at 6:15am to start my day. The morning workouts have really bolstered my confidence and stamina. I look forward to starting my day after working out in the mornings now. When I get home in the evenings, I’m mentally exhausted, but I workout. If I don’t, I feel so guilty, that I push myself even harder he next day. So, my confidence and determination are now renewed. I’m sticking with the plan, and I look forward to the next 5 pounds. I’ll holla….

Holding Steady!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers reading this post!

I am openly admitting that I was not good last week. What do I mean by good? Well, I sort of gave in to my peanut M&M addiction and had a couple of bags. I’ve been eating those Bob Evans sausage biscuits for breakfast. I could go on, but you get the picture. I’ve been trying my damndest to make good food choices. What’s been keeping me on track, relatively speaking, is making swaps. For instance, if I decide to have a piece of chocolate at lunch, then I won’t eat any dessert after dinner or I’ll drink water with my meal instead of having a soda or juice. Doing these swaps are saving me calories and my sanity. Deprivation does not work for me, so by doing these little trade offs, it’s working.

While I’m still stuck at 180, I’m relieved that I didn’t gain any weight. My endurance continues to grow by the day. Starting the workout is always toughest for me. When I get home from work, I’m mentally exhausted, and I have no desire to workout. Physical exercise in my opinion is far more mental than physical. To psyche myself up, when I get home, I immediately open my living room windows to not only let in the fresh air, but to give me the feeling of being outdoors. I then turn on my halogen lamp to brighten up the room. Next I immediately change into my workout clothes. This way I feel obligated to work out. After changing clothes, I’ll eat something light like a banana, kiwi, or small cup of yogurt. I wash it down with a cup of water. Thirty minutes later, I’m ready to bust a sweat. My energy level is elevated, and I’m actually looking forward to sweating. It’s a major sense of accomplishment for me. If I’m not dripping at the end of my workout, I feel like I’ve just wasted my time.

Well that’s my routine for now. I’m still doing Jillian’s 30 Day Shred. This will be my 3rd or 4th week. I’ve lost track. I’m about 7 pounds down. Not bad, but I know I could do better. I’ll check in again on Wednesday or Thursday. I’ll holla……….