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Just Checking In

Our posts have been sporadic I know, but I’m going to rectify that soon enough. I’m going thru a major merger at work so I don’t have a lot of free time. Once the dust settles (literally), I’m going to be reviewing some popular fitness products as well as dishing on my hot bod-YEAH, RIGHT!!!!  Maybe I can get Myia to start blogging again. If she doesn’t, maybe I’ll just have to post a pic of her in those hot, black shorts she wore this past weekend. I can’t remember if she borrowed them from our grandmother or our aunt. I hope she’s reading this!

Two Fat Sisters!

Two Fat Chicks
Two Fat Chicks

We’re baaack!!!! I had a wonderful time in Hotlantic City, but not for the gambling. The shopping is off the hook!!!! I won’t even disclose how much I spent, but I know Myia spent a mint, not just on shopping, but she treated me to the most wonderful time-fancy, expensive dinners, an all-day spa session, but most of all, her company. Did we work out? Hell to tha naw! Well, does walking around the casino looking for penny slots count? I say Hell-to-tha-YES!!!! My dogs were killin’ me, so it must’ve been exercise right?

I feel totally renewed and ready to amp up my workout. My goal is to lose 5 pounds by September 20th. My current weight: 178.5. Damn, I gained half a pound, but I can’t be mad. I ate like a queen last week, so a half a pound is good. I have one month. Let’s do this…..girlllllllllllll!

Some Sunday Funny

Ironically, one of Myia and I’s favorite comedians is Lavell Crawford. He’s not only funny as hell, but fat as hell, and his comedy is often based around that. We love not only that he’s fat and doin the damn thing, but he truly is funny. Dude is piss your pants funny, and I could use a little of that given that we lost another great one yesterday, Bernie Mac. RIP Mac, but check out Lavell talking about current events. Loves it!