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Friday FATfirmation: We’ll get thru the weekend together!

So it’s Friday.  The weekend is beginning, work is done and we’re about to veer off course from that stagnant routine that keeps us eating right and working out.  If you’re like me in fattitude (that’s fat-attitude, mental state not physical), the weekend brings thoughts of over endulgence…laying around and just chillin’ – probably with some food, drink (liquor or soda) and just vegging out.  The work week is hard and stressful and when the weekend comes, the last thing I want to do is work – and let’s face it – keeping up a healthy lifestyle when you’ve got a bad fattitude is really hard to do.

Well, that’s why we’re here for each other.  We should be blogging through the weekend.  Weekend blogging is about full disclosure.  Tell every dirty calorie and every inactive minute.  When you have to be held accountable, you’ll feel less likely to buck routine and splurge. 

Now, it is ok to reward yourself with something small.  Maybe you want a couple Hershey Kisses, a 1/4 cup of PLAIN M&Ms or 1 SMALL piece of fried chicken.  Just remember that you have to report the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth to your sisters in “losin’ it.”  And, if you do have a little treat, make sure to add an extra glass of water and 15 additional minutes of activity – maybe using a hula hoop, walking the mall or dancing in your underwear.  It’s the weekend, you’re allowed to make your activities fun and inspired too.

Blog you tomorrow with Full Disclosure Saturday FATfirmations.