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Burgers, Dogs, & Ribs, Oh My!

Every Memorial Day our family has a cookout. It’s not a barbecue, but a cookout. What’s the difference? A cookout is when you fire up that rusty, old ass grill that’s been sitting in the backyard all year long. A barbecue is when you have a lovely, stainless steel gas grill on your deck, and you invite your co-workers or associates to come partake of your booze and your food. Okay, I made all that up, but you kinda get my drift.

Myia’s in town this weekend, and we started the weekend off right. She made a delicious warm, steak salad, with these chunky mushrooms, red onion wedges, chunky steak bits, and salad greens. It was the best damn salad I’ve ever had-no joke. It was fucking delicious! I am salivating at the thought. i am going to Giant Monday and buying the ingredients and making my own. We topped it with this chunky, fat-free, blue cheese dressing. OMG!  You must try it.

I am nervous as hell about going to the family cookout. I have no self-control when it comes to barbecue. The chicken, the ribs, the potato salad. It’s all home-style which means it aint healthy. I know I’ll gain at least 2 pounds before the weekend is over. I’m still at 179-no gain, no loss. I’m a little disappointed. Actually, I’m a lot disappointed. I am admittedly taking to many cheat days. I am slowly weening myself off the M&Ms. They are my downfall. Enough yapping for now. I’ll check in on Monday with the gory details of “The Cookout.” Later on today, I’m going to attempt to do Level 2 of The Biggest Loser workout. It’s a high-powered, 30 minute, boot camp-style workout. It’s continuous movement. Even the warm up and cool down are intense (and I hate yoga.) I’ll holla….