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Wednesday FATfirmation: Taking Stock of All Things Large & Small

Wednesday’s are the day that we have to take a little time out to appreciate ourselves and take stock of where we are and where we’re going. Are you sticking to your weekly goals? Where are you in terms of your long term goals? How do you feel? Have you given yourself enough praise for the work you’ve done? Take it all in and blog it all out. 

Overall, I’m down 11 pounds.  That means only 14 pounds until I can consider myself “fat” [according to my bmi and weight charts, I’m currently obese].  That’s only 64 pounds left to lose.  That’s down a 1/2 a pant size.

Myia’s Sweating the Small Stuff: I put on a pair of GAP slacks this week (size 16) and they were so big I couldn’t where them.  They looked hideous.  I was so happy!!  A great pair of $80 pants that I can’t wear anymore.  Yay!