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motivation for losing weight, i.e., The Rock Bottom Factor

I have so many where do I begin? I’d have to say my biggest motivation isn’t health-isn’t that awful? I would have to say that my 3rd tit a/k/a my 5-month pregnant-looking belly has got to go! I am too fabulous to look and feel like a teletubby. I don’t apologize for feeling this way because the “love yourself for who you are” mantra does not work for me-especially when this isn’t me.


what lead to the weight gain

This is a no-brainer. Food led to my weight gain. More specifically, my love of food and my lack of movement led to my weight gain. I was in a relationship for almost 14 years (until SPW passed away) and I was happy. He was happy. He didn’t care how I looked. He loved my voluptuous ass and my abundant boobage, and as long as he didn’t complain, I didn’t care because I had my man! Now that he’s gone, I’ve been motivated to do something to get my swag back.



My immediate goals are to lose at least 5% of my current weight within the next 60 days and to drink at least 4 glasses of water a day (Eight-shmeight. This is a huge step for me!) My ultimate goal is to just get into a single-digit clothing size. The number on the scale doesn’t matter. Just get me into a single digit so I can shop at the cutesy stores like Bebe and Club Monaco.


body likes/dislikes

What do I like about my body? Nothing really. I do not like the train tracks flowing down my arms and ass (you know, the stretch marks.) I do not like my third tit either (you know the flap of bulging fat that hangs over your belly covering your privates.) I am grateful that I have complete use of my limbs. I do like my hands though!



biggest challenge (time, work, etc)

My biggest challenge is going to be ME. I have the time to put in the work, but it is very difficult for me to start a new habit and stick with it. I am the biggest slacker when it comes to long-term endeavors. I need immediate results. I guess you can say my biggest challenge is going to be patience.


greatest food temptation

My greatest temptation is going to be sweets of all kinds-cookies, M&M’s, chocolate…


dream or goal outfit

My goal outfit is to wear either a 2-piece bathing suit or a cut-out one piece. I want to bear skin!


ideal body/celebrity inspiration

I’ve always admired the female athlete, particularly, black female athletes. They have such strong, muscular bodies. My ideal body was Marion Jones-manufactured body. Now it’s Serena Williams. That girl is stacked! She’s got hips, ass, and thighs, but they’re tight and toned. I want that!


course of action (diet, exercise, etc)

I strongly believe in moderation (if only I can follow it!) so I’m going to keep a food journal and eat in moderation. I’m not going to deprive myself of anything. Whenever I do, I end up binging and falling completely off. As far as exercise, I’m going to try Jillian Michaels’ 30-day Shred. It’s a 20 minute a day program combining cardio, strength, and abs. There’s an accompanying book that I’ll read, and I’ll probably pull some things from there.

  1. So…have you gotten on track yet? It’s 4 days in. You have 56 days left to lose 5% of your weight. 8lbs…come on. Get in it to win it.

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